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We are fundamentally a brewery dedicated to making good, flavour forward drinkable beer. We have been borne out of the passion for beers and science by Allan Rice and Sarah Thackray. Ultimately we find the process of making beer using world class ingredients, some traditional and some off the wall, the most exciting part of what we do, there is nothing better than formulating a new beer and experimenting on our kit to make it.

After much hard work, many long hours, some crazy big loans, awesome stainless steel and a lot of support from friends and family, Atom Brewing will be arriving on the scene in late December 2013.

We aim to blend our passion for science and brewing to create beers that are full of big flavours, using the best ingredients with our own twist. Allied to a brewery that focuses on science and education through beers schools and tutored tours.

Our beers will be available in cask, keg and bottles because we believe that different beers suit different dispense methods. Check out the rest of the site, if you like what we do, drop us an email on .

Meet the team

  • Chief beer geek & Co-founder
  • Head Brewer
  • Man of all trades
  • The professor & Co-founder


India Pale Ale pumpclip

India Pale Ale

Lots of malt and big juicy hops are what go into making our flagship India Pale Ale. Think uber drinkable and thirst quenching & you're halfway there.


Abv: 5.6%, OG: 53, IBU: 60

Malts: Pale, Vienna, Crystal, Wheat

Hops: Chinook, Centennial

Availability: permanent 9g cask

Pale Ale pumpclip

Pale Ale

Like all good brewers, we love our pale ales! This is our core pale ale, lots of malt, bags full of hops, always changing, first up cascade & Chinook!


Abv: 4.5%, OG: 45, IBU: 30

Malts: Pale, Munich, Caralight, Wheat

Hops: Cascade, Summit

Availability: permanent 9g cask, 330ml Bottle

Blonde pumpclip

Blonde Ale

Sometimes you just need a beer that is fresh, smooth, citrus and easy to drink.


Abv: 4.0%, OG: 40, IBU: 22

Malts: Pale, Wheat, Carapils, Munich, Roast Barley

Hops: Brewers Gold

Availability: permanent 9g cask

Dark Alchemy pumpclip

Dark Alchemy

We love our porters and we love our spicy food! So we had to brew this... Combining a rich complex malt bill with the bitterness and aroma from lots of Cardamon & Coriander & no hops, to create a porter rich in body, super smooth & brimming with character. Perfect with a hot spicy dish.


Abv: 4.9%, OG: 51, IBU: 10

Malts: Pale, Crystal, Wheat, Carafa III, Chocolate, Roast Barley, Melanoidin, Carared

Spices: Coriander, Cardamon

Availability: permanent 9g cask, 330ml Bottle


Brewing Science

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Atom interior with logo

We love to talk about beers and our brewery, since before we launched we have been continually asked if folk can come a do a tour! So we decided to make it happen. Brewery tours last a couple of hours (beers on the way round of course), typically we will give you a beer when you arrive, you will learn about the brewing process, eat some malt, sniff some hops, have more beer. Hear about the why's and how's of Atom, what we are about, the science behind ours beers (and yes drink some more beer).

If you are passionate about your beers, want to more about brewing or just want to do something different, tours cost £10pp. To book then drop us an email at

Tours can be tailored to suit groups.

General Tours: 6 - 15 people; £10 each; 2 Hours - includes beers/soft drinks/tea/coffee whilst touring the brewery; Overview of the brewing process and how our beers are made.

We are also currently in the process of putting together tours suitable school classes, please contact us for further information.



Brew School

Beer School

Posted 26 Aug 2014

Atom Beer School Love beer? Want to learn more? Then why not come learn about beer from those who make it? Starting on the 8th September 7-9pm at the ...


Carfest North 1st - 3rd August

Posted 30 Jul 2014

CarFest North and South have been a dream team of cars, music, food, family and ultimately some good honest fun, all in aid of BBC Children in Need. From ...

Big French Bike Ride

Big French Bike Ride

Posted 03 Jul 2014

As a brewery that has a number of cycle fanatics we thought it would be rude not to produce a wee beer with a big hit for the big ...

Atom Beers


Posted 19 May 2014

Enlightenment. Noun the action or state of attaining or having attained spiritual knowledge or insight Part of the Northern Alliance series. This collaboration between Atom Beers and Northern Monk ...



Posted 05 Apr 2014

A couple of months back we got asked by the team at Craft Beer Co london if we would like to be part of Craft 100 in April. Needless ...

Blend 1 - Camomile

Atom meets The Blending Rooms

Posted 29 Mar 2014

We have been offered lots of opportunities since we opened to do some collaborations! We wanted our first one to be with another local company that we feel uphold ...



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Atom is not just a brewery, like our brewery we continue to evolve and add new aspects. First up, we have our distribution side!!

We are lucky enough to work with some of the best breweries in the UK and worldwide who in turn trust us to distribute their beers across the UK and beyond.

The range is constantly changing, we aim to have a fresh selection of beers every 7 to 10 days, as they arrive to us they will be delivered straight to you. We don't just list beers for the sake of it, we are as equally passionate about our distribution arm and as particular as we are with our brewery, as such the beers and other products we supply we love with equal measure.

You can expect to see breweries ranging from, Tiny Rebel, Buxton, Cromarty, The Kernel, Brodies, Maui, Granville Island and many more besides.

If you want to order products you need to be a registered customer of Atom. To register please contact us on .


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