• Born out of a love of science. Inspired by a life of travel. Atom began its journey in 2014; its mission: to create a community built on collaboration, education and a shared passion for beer and the brewing process.

    Proudly launched from an industrial unit in Hull by scientists Allan and Sarah, Atom has come a long way.

    Our first tap room opened in 2018 in the heart of Hull’s old town. The Corn Exchange offered an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere in a setting that holds 200 years of history. We have taken our 1st tap room to a new location in 2022 to an old Yorkshire bank buiding in the bustling area of the Avenues in Hull. In 2020, we continued the trend and revived another empty property, bringing it a new use and a new life. Our second tap room, in historic Beverley, is an upbeat bar with some impressive period features.

    With support from family, friends and a growing community, we now have two unique bars and an expanding network of like-minded people from beer enthusiasts and scientists to the local independent businesses we work alongside.

  • During the pandemic, we evolved to become a more self-sufficient business. We now have our own canning line, so not only do we make, keg and cask the beer, we are able to can it with perfect timing too.

    Whether it's from keg or cask (or can!), we can guarantee our beer is dispensed in the precise format it was intended, reaching your taste buds unspoilt. Flavour forward and eminently drinkable, but never out of reach.

    From our small base here in Hull, we have produced hundreds of beers flavourful that have been distributed nationally and internationally. And our offering keeps on growing


    Atom:“the smallest particle of a chemical element that can exist”.

    To us, Atom represents transparency, simplicity and education, but it’s also a scientific term that gives a nod to the chemical process that is brewing. A process that involves precision, timing, and the right ingredients. Think acidity, temperature, fermentation and carbonation.

    Our love for local, independent business and local ingredients was sparked during our years travelling, our love for science from our careers. In combination, we’re using these qualities to educate, collaborate and communicate with our community and share our love of beer with the world. Our passion drives us forward; our ethos keeps our mission within sight."


    Co-founded by Allan and Sarah. Since Atom's inception Allan and Sarah have built a family business firmly rooted in East Yorkshire.